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Residential in Watercolor, FL!!!

Scot and I have just received confirmation from our sources and we are pleased to announce that we are moving the location of our Residential to Watercolor/Grayton Beach, FL!!!
We were (happily!) overwhelmed with the response we received in our Residential, so we needed to find a location that could accommodate more students. We are totally excited to be in FL in the fall with the unbeatable weather, a waterfront classroom, adorable “old-style” FL accommodations at the Hibiscus Inn B&B, just a few blocks away in Grayton Beach, FL, and the annual migration of the monarch butterflies and dragon flies! It is going to be awesome!!!
****We are offering the option of shared (up to 4 per room) or private rooms...some w/kitchenettes, washer/dryers, and private porches, too! Students may Google the Hibiscus Inn at Grayton Beach, FL for a full view of rooms available and pick the room they want! At the moment the ENTIRE complex is first come, first serve!

Important Details:
Residential Location:
Classroom: Watercolor, FL! Beautiful waterfront home on 30A! The world-famous Emerald Coast beach!!!
Lodging and Breakfast: Grayton Beach, FL: Hibiscus Inn Coffee and Guesthouse (B&B)
Residential Dates: October 29-November 4, 2014 6 nights
(room rates include 7 nights stay for the price of 5!!! So take an extra day off work and relax and put your toes in the sugar white sand beaches!!!)

Base Fee: $1,100 (1/2 non-refundable deposit paid by September 1)
$1,300 after September 1
(includes meals and Instruction)
Balance Due: October 15, 2014

Lodging Range: $48 – $115 per night (pricing based on private or shared accommodations)
***Bonus discount!!! The more rooms we book the greater our discount...we will likely receive up to an additional 15% off the above room rates!

Title and Agenda:
“Deep Into the Bones: Community, Gifts, and Intimacy”
Advanced Instructor, Scot O’Shea: Posture, Walking, and Core
Instructor, Elizabeth Beeson: Exploration of Movement Patterns Through the Midline

Scot and I will be presenting in-depth technique that we have gathered over several decades of clinical practice.
Scot has been practicing Ortho-Bionomy for 3 decades! Scot is known for his expert eye and his uncanny ability to quickly assess postural and structural imbalances and to efficiently and effectively bring relief to his clients. Scot has one of the most successful clinical private practices in the Ortho-Bionomy community...come and learn the secrets to his success and how he has earned the respect of his community in San Antonio, TX as a gifted healer.
Liz has been practicing Ortho-Bionomy exclusively for 2 decades and offers a more somatic approach in her practice. Liz works slowly and “deep into the bones”, allowing space for recognition, understanding, and acceptance while challenging her clients to experience and reach beyond their habitual patterns towards fresh “new” ways of being and becoming. Learn how to bring energetic work down to earth...through the central nervous system...and learn midline movement exercises through the core that are appropriate for Grandma to Grand Master!

This Residential provides 40 SOBI units AND 48 NCBTMB CE Hours of Continuing Education

Contact Info and Registration: Elizabeth Beeson 404-824-0211

Hope you can join us!
Peace and Comfort,
Liz Beeson